Pink Beauty Classic Curling Wand

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Can't Thank Enough
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This hair curler is amazing and I can't thank enough myself that I found this miracle. The bouncier curls are just wow.
John Doe
A Perfect Gift Fir My Wife
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On our 7th anniversary, I got my wife this auto hair curler and let me tell you, this curler does wonders to hair. She was so happy :)
Easy To Use And Manage
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I am noob in making curls, so I always search for the tools that can help me in getting effortless hairstyles. This Pink Beauty Curler is the perfect addition to my hair styling routine.
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My hopes were not high when I bought this, but I must say it surprised me, smooth curls and that too in only 10 seconds? Unbelievable I'm screaming right now.
Loving My Beach Curls
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Always been a fan of curling wands, and the cordless curlers are a big need for busy persons. Finally, I got my hands on this trendy product and my beach waves are looking flawless!!
Bestfriend For Life
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Hairstyling is my passion, I love flawless curls and this wow piece of magic has been helping me to get perfect ones for 7 years now.
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If you guys want something that doesn't require expertise to make curls look beautiful, consider this as your buddy :)
Quick Tool
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It doesn't waste hours, heat up in seconds and smart operating system takes a super thumbs up from me every time.
Alisa B.
Loving it
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It's been two days since I got this curler and man. I'm head over heels for it. Haha, the excitement I can't tell.
Fleur Ruise
Doesn't Damage The Hair
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With its pre-set timers, this wand somehow controls the heat damage. Truly an amazing tool to achieve model like curls.

Pink Beauty Classic Curling Wand

Tired of curling your hair with traditional curlers? Introducing this Auto Ceramic Hair Curler in the market, that will make your styling routine super-duper amazing and fresh. The brand Laluztop has especially designed this cordless curler to bring a little of excitement to the life of busy women. 

Why is This Auto Hair Curler Cordless Is The Game Changer?

Equipped with advanced functioning power, its mind-blowing features do surprise at the very first use. Even if it’s loose waves or tight curls, consider your favorite hairstyle a talk of the party. Here are some of the reasons this Laluztop Auto Hair Curler Machine is a big success.

Premium Quality And Exceptional Sturdiness

Protected with three solid layers of Ceramic, Tourmaline, and Nano, this automatic styling machine proudly holds impressive performance and excellent durability. Not only does it protect your hair from excessive heat damage, but also enhances the life of the curler. 

Anti-Scalding And Tangle-Free Design

The outstanding and unique styling tool enables women to make trendy curls on the go. Worried about hair burn? Its an anti-scalding and anti-tangle shape save your style game. This technology lets women curl and style their hair with no worries of excessive heat damage.

Enjoy Customized Curls With Pre-Set Temperature

Achieve salon-quality hairstyling with 11 options of temperature and timers. From 8 seconds of loose curls to 18 seconds of tight curls, it categorizes the temperature between 300°F to 390°F. Are you listening to beginners? This is your chance to get perfect curls in your bestie’s wedding with no salon visits. 

Amazing Battery Life

What if we say this Auto Hair Curler Cordless performs for one hour straight in exchange for 4 hours of charge. Type-C USB Charger Cable is included in the package that provides quick charge and good battery life. 

Technical Specifications


Power Resource: Battery, USB-C Charging Cord

Automatic Heating System

Maximum temperature: 200 Degrees

Barrel Details


6 Barrel Sizes Available



Tourmaline Chamber


14.7 Ounces


Compact-Only One Size Available

Auto Hair Curler How To Use?

  • First thing first, read the manual with proper care and make sure to follow all the safety instructions.
  • Push the Power Button for two seconds. On the Menu, choose the right temperature and timer following the specific curls you want to achieve.
  • Right after a minute, this Auto Curler For Hair will beep. 
  • Now, get a little strand of hair and put it carefully into the curling section.
  • Wait for a few seconds and after a couple of beeps, get your hands off the curl button.

You can get this Auto Hair Curler, Buy Online by ordering this wonderful art piece on our website.


The Laluztop Automatic Hair Curler is the best option you’ll get on our website. Its smart management system comes up with proper temperature and heat settings, and its unique design perfectly curls the hair with no need for special assistance.

Hair Stylists prefer wands over curling iron as it does the job faster and the unique styling section curls the hair effortlessly in 10 seconds. Set the temperature and timer and you’re all good to slay the gathering.

The automatic hair curler is cordless by Laluztip tops the chart of our recommendations. It’s easy to operate and a perfect treat for beginners, as we all know how complicated curling can be.

Experts recommend using hairspray after you’re done styling your hair. As hairspray can dry out your hair when combined with heat, which indirectly damages the outer layer of hair. Resulting in cracked and dry hair.

When you put a small strand of your hair in a styling chamber for a few seconds, the chamber twists around the hair, following your curl preferences. Once it releases the hair, you get beautiful curls with minimal effort.

Your Beautiful Hair Deserves Damage-Free Styling. But there isn’t any concept of the shiniest curls without heat. Our automatic hair curler offers mind-blowing curling with less possible damage. And with three coating layers, it somehow reduces the chances of damage to a great extent.

If you’re using a curling wand, a lot of them have preset temperatures and timers. To achieve slight curls, set the curling machine at minimum temperature and timer. The higher the temperature the tighter your curls will be.

Styling and curling are all fun until you realize how much damage comes with all of it. Don’t overdo the heat on your hair. Try limiting the use of curling machines 1 to 2 times weekly. As more heat means more split-ends waiting on the way.

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